Overview of the Slot Game “Vikings Go to Valhalla”

After going completely rogue and hellbent, Gunnar and his men are finally making their way to one of the greatest Viking destinations: Valhalla. Half of those who die in combat are taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla, a hall in Asgard overseen by Odin. Warriors do heroic acts by day and rest and recover in preparation for another day of action. You may expect a lot of bloodshed if you’ve played any of Yggdrasil’s previous Vikings Go slots. Features including Rage Collections, Berserk Respins, two Free Spin rounds, and a Ragnarok Wheel accompany the warriors as they battle the serpent ruler Jormungandr for the chance to become sticky wilds in Vikings Go To Valhalla.

If the film The Vikings and its namesake hall are any indication, Valhalla is set high in the snowy mountains. The sort of individuals that like to congregate there, however, seem not to mind the occasional chill. Certain viewers of the series will be pleased to see the return of the Rage Meters, four instances of which are displayed at the bottom of the screen below the reels. While the visuals aren’t nearly as impressive as they were in Vikings Go Berserk Reloaded, the series’ certain continuity is present, along with a number of surprises thrown in for good measure.

The playing board in Vikings Go To Valhalla is the same as in previous games in the series: 5 reels, 4 rows, and 25 fixed paylines that pay left to right. You may go crazy on whatever gadget you choose, with wagers ranging from 25 percent to fifty pounds every spin, and with three different bonus purchase choices available. Yggdrasil has maintained a high level of volatility and potential, with a predicted return value of 96%. Expect to seldom fill your Rage Meter to 100% due to the low hit rate of 21.73 and the prevalence of low-value symbols.

Four different colored coins represent the low-paying symbols, with a payout of between 1.4 and 2 times the wager for five in a row. The next highest-paying icons are the four Viking characters, with a payoff of 6-10 times the wager for five in a row on an active payline. Finally, wilds can be any sign in the game, and they will always replace ordinary pay symbols.

Slot Wins Take Vikings To Valhalla

After giving Vikings Go To Valhalla a go, it’s easy to see why Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go range is one of the most popular Norse series available. The development team has brought back elements from earlier games that fans loved and added new features to build a game that fans of the franchise are sure to appreciate. It’s great to have Rage Meters back in Vikings Go Berserk after they were controversially removed in Vikings Go Berserk Reloaded. Rage Meters now have a new end goal, and the promise of Ragnarok Spins is just over the horizon.

This method has brought back grinding, which might delight some gamers but would likely turn off the vast majority. Even while it may be difficult to get a nice sticky crazy scenario going, there is some relief in sight: when the Rage Meter is full, respins are awarded. Defeating Jormungandr is not difficult, since common Vikings have done so in the past. While free spins and respins are fun bonuses, unlocking Ragnarok Free Spins is the ultimate goal. This can be accomplished naturally, but it may take a long time and a lot of effort unless you have a lot of good fortune. It’s not simple to get all six reels to strike gold portions, as spinning the Ragnarok Wheel only happens after free spins. The desire to spend real money on Ragnarok Free Spins became overwhelming after a time. When all four Vikings are in Berserk mode, the grid might get covered with sticky wilds, resulting in a lot of repeat wins. Hit the maximum multiplier of 23,634x the stake in Vikings Go to Valhalla, however complete screens of even the best premium aren’t really valued and raising the win multiplier isn’t simple.

Although Rage Meters are making a comeback in Vikings Go, Vikings Go To Valhalla is an entirely new ballgame. There’s a fair possibility a considerable amount of time and effort will be necessary to view Vikings Go to Valhalla’s better moments if you don’t buy extras, so you might as well settle in. The journey to Valhalla may be lengthy, but there’s plenty of fun to be had along the road, like Berserk Respins, Treasure Chests, and teasers of the Ragnarok Wheel.

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