Overview of the Atilla the Hun Game from Its Creators The gates have been thrown wide by Relax Gaming,

letting waves of invaders from the East pour in. This slot is themed after the legendary leader and conqueror Attila the Hun and the decisive battle he fought against the Roman army led by Aetius. Attila was an accomplished invader who made multiple unsuccessful but brutal attempts to overthrow the Roman Empire during his lifetime. severe enough to earn the’scourge of God’ moniker from the newly Christianized Roman Empire. The slot by Relax Gaming is based on these historically significant clashes of civilizations. Animations of battle are included for dramatic effect and audience amusement without favoring one side over the other.

The Attila the Hun video slot is unique among Relax Gaming’s offerings. It’s more akin to a tapestry or a classical picture that has been transferred to film reels than the usual cartoons or photorealistic depictions. Both armies take up half the screen, while the other half is used for spinning and battles. The Roman legions are on the left, while Attila’s men are on the right. One of the most well-known conflicts in which Attila the Hun participated was the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in France, which Aetius fought in and ultimately won. The first order of business is to place your bets, with options beginning at 10 percent and going as high as $100 USD or €100. Simply line up three or more symbols along any of the 20 fixed paylines to win a coin prize. The action is driven by a reasonable RTP of 96.35% and a very strong volatility that results in a good percentage of dead spins.

A slew of out-of-the-ordinary symbols, all of which fit nicely with the unconventional visual style. The gambling community of the past will be all over this. Four of these low-paying employees are leading the battle by using vintage green, bronze, silver, and gold coins. After that come three animals with average pay: a dog, a wolf, and a horse. Finally, there are two premiums to choose from: a blue Hunnic shield and a red Roman shield. For five of a kind on a line, each is worth 15 times and 20 times the wager, respectively.

Atilla the Hun Slot Machine Functions

There are a total of six features in Attila the Hun’s slot machine, and they all include respins or free spins. The Walking Wild Respins are the most common type. Wild symbols such as Hun and Roman troops are worth as much as the Roman shield and can replace them in winning combinations. In the main game, they activate further spins when they appear on the reels, and they advance left or right by one position each time. When they move off the grid then the respins come to an end.

It’s a rightward shift for the Roman barbarians and a leftward shift for the Huns. The Small Battle Free Spins feature is activated if an enemy wild appears during a respin. Here the two symbols combine into a single larger combat symbol, 22. This wild symbol, which may move in any direction, will advance one spot with each spin. If the battle symbol breaks apart and falls off the board, the free spins will end. However, this is not the end of the Walking Wild Respins. The triggered spin’s Wilds spread across the remaining reels until there are no more, at which point the feature ends. While the Walking Wilds Respins feature is active, you can retrigger the Small Battle Free Spins feature.

Attila and Aetius are playable characters that can join the action on reel 1 and reel 5 during the main game. When this occurs, anywhere from two to fifteen additional Walking Wilds are unleashed into the game’s remaining reels. When this feature, known as the Attila or Aetius Walking Wild, is active, wilds from the opposing army cannot appear during respins. The enemy general, however, can. In that case, the Big Battle Free Spins bonus is activated and plays out in a predetermined sequence. The first and fifth reels are wild at the start of the game, followed by reels two and four, and finally reels two, three, and four. Each army gets 2 hit points and they push each other back and forth making different reels wild as they do so. When all health is lost in a combat, the trigger Walking Respins are repeated.

Judgment on “Attila, the Hun” Time Slot

The method that Relax Gaming has taken with Attila the Hun ensures that it will be appealing to a subset of players. There are various things it can give potential players. One is its one-of-a-kind design and concept. Historians may find this slot game appealing because there aren’t that many with a Hun theme. The weapons, armor, and coins are wonderfully made, but the claim that they may provide insight into ancient warfare is a bit of a stretch. Background and symbols appear like they were ripped out of an ancient book of Gibbon’s The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, adding to the pleasing aesthetic. There are benefits and drawbacks to its rapid pace. The long battle scenes and Walking Wild Respins do a lot to draw out the fun and make the most of a limited budget.

The negatives follow from that moment. Attila the Hun isn’t the best choice for those looking for a hard, rapid hitter. First of all, animations can slow things down and become annoying if you’re not into them. In addition, their value is low. As a measure of promise, or lack, a screen of the premiums would net you 400 times your investment – if they landed stacked which they don’t, or didn’t during testing at least. It is difficult to amass substantial victories, especially in Big Battles, without the aid of multipliers.

There are benefits and drawbacks to Attila the Hun, but overall, it’s not a high-stakes game and is best suited for history buffs or casual players seeking a long-term experience.

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